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KLIPSHAK is an audio and video production company based out of St. Charles, Missouri. Owned and operated by Tim Glover, KLIPSHAK provides high-quality, full-service audio and video production for artists, bands, authors, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in the St. Louis area. From a boutique, digital studio experience to on-location shooting, KLIPSHAK is a one-stop-shop for audio and video needs. With industry standard software and affordable production costs, we’re here to make you look good within your budget and your vision. 


Each video is uniquely crafted to capture a client’s story, voice, and style. With more than 40 years of learning and growing in the entertainment industry, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to showcase our clients by exploring the latest production techniques and collaborating with the best partners in the industry. We know that in order to get the best shot, you have to feel inspired. At KLIPSHAK, we aim to create a relaxed environment that allows you to feel comfortable, creative, and confident at every shoot and every session.


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Tim Glover was born and raised on rock n’ roll, and after more than 40 years immersed in the industry, there’s still nothing quite like the thrill of loud music and stage lights. His teenage years were decorated floor-to-ceiling with tour posters and ticket stubs, and his time was spent attending shows, playing guitar and gigging with his rock band, Catalyst. In 1981, he recorded his first EP in a home studio, and he was hooked.

Audio and stage production stuck with him after his touring days. From the stage to the studio, he was interested and involved in the theatrics of show production – lights, effects, and sound – for churches and local acts. After spending 25 years managing restaurants, he returned to his roots and built a home studio of his own. In 2005, Tim completed audio engineering and mixing certification classes at Pro Media in Nashville and Dallas, and became certified in ProTools. He’s since worked with solo artists and bands from a myriad of genres, including rock, metal, indie, singer/songwriter, worship, and pop music.

The studio is where Tim spent years honing his craft, and after talking to band after band, he discovered another critical need in the local entertainment industry: video promotion. He invested in Final Cut Studio and some professional equipment, and hit the ground running, learning everything he could about video production. A self-taught videographer, he started producing promotional videos for local bands, and has since expanded into business and non-profit promotion as well.

From project to project, it’s evident that Tim’s work is driven by his love of music and his desire to visually create quality promotional production in the St. Louis entertainment industry. To learn more about what we do at KLIPSHAK, check out our services.


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