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  • What's your process?
    1. Consultation - During a consultation, we'll discuss your vision, goals, and budget for the project. We'll also go over the production process and gather all the info we'll need to put together a jobsheet 2. Pre-production - We work with clients to plan and outline every aspect of a video shoot or recording session, from timelines and creative content, to location, set up and the production team. The pre-production process ensures that the shoot or session runs smoothly and efficiently. 3. Shooting/Recording - The day of your video shoot or recording session, our goal is to create a relaxed, creative, and fun environment for you to look and sound your best. 4. Post-production - After recording, please leave 3 weeks for editing and mixing your project. We include 2 rounds of edits at no additional charge. 5. Delivery - Your web-ready video or audio file(s) will be sent to you for download.
  • What is pre-production?
    Pre-production is the foundation of any great video or recording. This critical planning phase takes place before the cameras roll and before the recording starts. During pre-production, we work with our clients to determine the following: Your target audience Your goals and vision The “cast” Interview content, if any Shooting locations and creative ideas Your audio input list, song titles A brief storyboard or shot list Once these details have been outlined, we set the date for your shoot or session, and we answer any questions you may have.
  • What is post-production?
    Post-production is the work that takes place after your video shoot or recording session. During this time, we edit, mix, master, and stylize your project to meet your goals and vision outlined during pre-production. This process takes time but in the end, we hope to meet and exceed your overall expectatons.
  • How should we prepare for our video shoot or recording session?
    For your video shoot, choosing your most exciting, familiar song parts from 7 to 15 songs is a great start. After that, practice makes perfect! Coming to the shoot prepared will allow the creative juices to flow. Recording sessions are pretty much the same message, practice practice practice. You don't want to be learning your parts at the session. The outcome will not be the best.
  • How long can my video be?
    An effective marketing or promotional video is brief – between 2 and 5 minutes. Modern research shows that online audiences are less likely to watch a promo video that's longer than 2 to 4 minutes but this decision is up to you. Ideally you want to pick your best stuff to showcase. Our goal is to impress the right people for your band or brand, and move them to action, whether that's booking your band or supporting your business.
  • What should I bring to my video shoot or recording session?
    For your video shoot, you should plan to bring: Your gear(make sure it's clean and ready for camera) Stage clothes that make you feel cool, comfortable and confident Props for the shoot ie: lights, banners or creative visual additions Water For your recording session, you should plan to bring: Your gear(make sure your equipment is ready to go ie: new strings, drum heads ect) Spare batteries and cables Sheet music or notes you'll need Any additional audio tracks Water
  • How long will my video shoot or recording session take?
    Depending on the nature of your project, you should plan for a half-day or full-day shoot or session. We believe great work takes time and thoughtfulness, so it's important to dedicate plenty of time to get everything just right from the start.
  • Should I have interview questions prepared ahead of time?
    During pre-production, we will outline the basics of the interview questions. However, we don't typically encourage people to write out or memorize their interview answers. Our goal is to create a relaxed, natural, authentic conversation. The magic of video editing allows interviewees to relax while filming and not worry about performing perfectly.
  • When should I arrive at the video shoot or recording session?
    Our team will need access to the video location 45 minutes to 1 hour before shoot time to set up our gear. Your band or team members should allow enough time to set up their gear, change clothes and take a breath before we start. For recording sessions, please plan to arrive at the studio 30 minutes to 1 hour before your scheduled session in order to set up your gear and get a proper sound check. This will ensure downbeat starts as planned and you get the most out of your studio time.
  • When will my video or recording be ready?
    Great work can't be rushed! You can expect a first edit of your song or video within 3 weeks of recording. You will either recieve a viewable file or an in person showing of your video at KLIPSHAK Studio, depending on your preference. At that time you can make any notes, edits or changes. We will then accomodate your wishes and send out an edited version for review. We include 2 rounds of edits at no additional charge.
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